The Hunter Gatherer Dinner Club
HGDC The Hunter Gatherer Dinner Club
Picture of a Fish The Hunter Gatherer Dinner Club is an association of food enjoyers and travelers that bring the pleasures of good food, good company and good times together in some of the world’s most exotic landscapes.

We came from the rangelands and open woodlands. Our physical design from our erect bipedal posture, to our hand/eye coordination, to the shape of our teeth, to the biochemistry of our digestive system and our aerobic stamina equipped us to hunt and forage across these grasslands and their adjoining waters. Our success as a species has, in fact, depended upon this ability of ours to make the most of foods sourced from both animals and plants. We are physiologically, and always will be, Hunter Gatherers.

The Hunter Gatherer Dinner club is dedicated to proving that modern, urbanized humans are still hunter gatherers at heart (and stomach). As hunter gatherers we trod lightly over the face of The Earth and all food was precious, never wasted as the act of hunting and gathering inspired a respect for all life. Food came in many forms from both animals and plants and was eaten raw, cooked or preserved for later. But above all our food choices were based only on what our bodies needed as nourishment – nutritional efficiency meant survival. By being omnivorous early humans survived major shifts in global climates along with periodic droughts and floods. A tribal feast was a celebration of survival and the bounty of foods on offer - with a serving of a range of meats, sea foods, fruits and vegetables sourced from surrounding landscapes. As it was then, so it is today, for the offering of a diversity of foods hunted and gathered from the backyard, the paddock, the river/sea or your local providore brings together good company and good times.

The Hunter Gatherer Dinner Club co-ordinates tailored, small group trips to exotic locations renowned for distinctive cuisines.

The next HGDC trip is to: Morocco, Southen Spain and Portugal from April 11th - May 3rd 2014

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To be a part of the next HGDC trip or for more information please contact Deborah Newell on: + 61 (0) 7 38466250 or mobile 0439756776 or by email @